Planning for erection of structures requiring analysis. We design structures to meet estimated load requirements, computing size, shape, strength, and type of structural members. We provide inspection of existing projects and recommend methods of repair and replacement of defective members of rebuilding of structures.



Planning, designing, drafting and reviewing of plans required for roadway alignments, grading and drainage improvements, horizontal layouts, erosion control plans, ADA access, and utility layout plans on typical land development projects. Projects sometimes require the guidance of the civil engineer to pass municipal design and review committees. Typical clients include developers and other various sized corporations focusing on the development of newly acquired or existing properties.



Failure analysis of structural members due to natural disasters and accidents. Our many years of experience coupled with our structured investigation approach finds answers to the questions that matter most which ultimately helps us determine the cause of the failure.

Construction Management

We provide an administrative construction service, also known as construction management or owner’s representative, which represents the owner’s interest in a construction project. Administrative construction management services are marketed through construction lenders to those individuals who are attempting to develop a property, but require assistance and/or representation.


Building Observation


We provide structural observations to all types of commercial buildings for any reason. If warranted, we will submit an engineer’s letter that most city building departments require when updating or adding new structural elements.



We provide structural observations to residential houses for buying or selling purposes, foundation concerns, and much more. Submit a home inspection intake form at the bottom of this page.